Shipping and Return Policy

General conditions

Kiddow reserves the right to update the Terms as needed, and the new version will be promptly posted on If you reject the Policy, you will be deemed to have immediately waived your right to use the Kiddow Services. All customers are deemed to accept the Terms by using the Kiddow Services.

For after-sales issues, customer must submit a return/return request within 30 days of delivery. If the request is sent after this period, Kiddow reserves the right not to provide the maintenance.

After a customer has submitted a Service Request, the customer must provide evidence to Kiddow. If the buyer cannot provide valid proof within the post-order period, Kiddow reserves the right to refuse the return/return. Kiddow ultimately decides whether the evidence is valid or not.

Order Cancellation

Before sending the order, the customer has the right to request cancellation of the order by contacting customer support. The cancellation request is accepted or rejected within 3 working days:

Until the order is processed in stock, the customer can receive a full refund; Orders for custom products cannot be canceled once payment has been made; After payment, the private warehouse order cannot be canceled because the products are special products and only available to you.

Loss in Transit

If the products are lost in transit and the customer must provide evidence from the logistics website or package tracking website, such as (but not limited to) a screenshot showing that the package is lost, the customer can request a refund if it needs to be returned to the customer within 30 days of the loss.

Untimely Delivery

For orders not delivered within 30 days, the customer can request a full refund with valid proof (with the latest update from the logistics website or package tracking website).


Products: If the customer discovers that the products are damaged or defective after receipt, the customer must contact Kiddow's and submit a return/reshipment request and valid proof (of the products received or videos that clearly report the problem, shipping receipt and barcode) within 7 working days of delivery.

  • If the product is damaged or destroyed for which Kiddow is responsible, the customer can receive a full refund.
  • If the package is seriously damaged, the customer can receive a full refund or request a return;
  • If the package is partially damaged (except for small deformations or small scratches), the customer can receive a partial refund.

If the proof examined by Kiddow does not clearly indicate the problem, the proof will be considered invalid and Kiddow has the right to refuse the customer's refund/return request.

Delivery disputes

If an order is marked as delivered but the end customer claims not to have received it, the end customer should first contact the last mile carrier and report the problem. A customer can request a refund with valid proof within 30 days.As we are working with third-parties if delivery is 30 days after expected the estimated shipping time: Kiddow will gladly refund you or arrange reshipment.


For orders fulfilled by our supplier, we don't require anyone to return anything because, in most cases, the international shipping cost to return a product back to our warehouse in China even exceeds the product cost. Moreover, there are so many uncertainties in long-distance transportation. For example, the package is likely to be lost or damaged.

Force Majeure

Kiddow is not responsible for product damage or delivery delays caused by irresistible force or unforeseen events, including but not limited to: epidemic, virus, war, strike, earthquake, flood, storm, hurricane, heavy snow, tsunami, custom inspection or international situation

Unacceptable Disputes

Kiddow rejects any unreasonable disputes or delivery interruptions caused by the end customer, including but not limited to:

  • The end customer does not like the product;
  • The product description is incorrect; 
  • The smell of the product is unusual;
  • the end customer ordered the wrong product or SKU;
  • the end customer provided an incorrect/insufficient delivery address; 
  • There was no phone number; 
  • the end customer refused to accept the package without reason;
  • The order is to be delivered to remote areas or PO Box addresses.
  • Orders with shipping options that arrived more than 30 days after the expected delivery time are not eligible for after-sales service


If you have a holiday or peak season, the merchant will contact to resolve any product or logistics issues. Kiddow will do its best to help customers in time in such special situations.