About us

I've always wanted to have a business because there's so much change I need to do in my life and to the rest of the world. Well that led to me coming up with business ideas. This was actually my forth business idea and luckily for this one I can put it into play.
In 2015 that was the year I became a brother, my little sister was born. The amount of time and money spent on a baby is enormous. As much as it was not my responsibility to take care of her I still had a huge role to play in raising her up. I could have never counted the number of time I had to go to town to buy her supplies of whatever she needs because obviously they always need something.
With that last year an idea popped up. With the tech nowadays and so much available online I thought there isn't such a need for one to travel to town to get such suppliers. That is why I have now started drop-shipping for baby and pet suppliers. We can now spoil and nurture our loved ones without having to move an inch...